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Yes I have found this web site very rundest as well but when you join says its free but then you have to join there email messages but when you get one you cant see them you need to pay $9.95 for to join the web site i found this unfare, that you should have to pay $9.95 just to get your email messages but i got on to the owner about it but then i got this rudest email and bad email from him saying i dont work for you,i well send your email to Mr G-Bush, and to USA Courts dept, I found this very upsetting and this web site should be closed down now i see that it is still running on yahoo web sites please please clsoe it down now as people are geting fed up with this guy and website,

Yours John From Manchester, UK,



All of the above info is true and I am in the same boat. I have tried to be removed from the "" site for two years and I still get notifications. The only way is to deactivate your current e-mail addy and get a new one.

Sorry about this hassle guys - you think chris troy would GROW UP!


His spam can not be stopped.At Att we can have a different email addy.hope my change of addy will get rid of this ***.He is a disgrass to the *** community and ALL *** sites.


I filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

and forwarded copies of over 40 recent emails to the FTC, so theu have them on file on their secure database for future prosecution


well his comment loses its umphh when this sight bleeped it, so the bleeped words were your little "f*g c*nt" attitude


I just got the rudest comment myself.After emailing him because it said my picture wasn't approved because it was "sexually explicit" (it wasn't - shirt off, pants on sitting at computer)and after 5 attempts to upload the i.d., each time getting a notice that their server was not working, I got this classy reply from "Chris" : So then upload your picture into the right area, not the Photo ID submission area.

And drop your little *** *** attitude until you learn to read.

We need to get the word out and put this jack-*** out of business.Apparently his mother never taught him manners.

Chris Troy



I had the same rude response sent to me from the site from a worm called Chris.I only asked how to delete my account due to it sucking so very much.

What a scam this site is. After 3 attempts on how to delete my account I received a very embittered response from this owner of a sinking ship do doubt. I have also lodged complaints with the better business bureau and our State consumer complaint dept of our State Attorney General's office. Hopefully if everyone follows suite we can rid the internet of such worthless pay for use sites.

Or just boycott them and spread the word in our community.Thanks, Rod

Mexico Beach, Florida, United States #17126

I don't work for you, or any other freeloading ***.

Get off the internet.

The world needs another freetard loser using it for free *** ***, and endangering children in the process, like it needs another George Bush.

Free *** sites endanger children. For proof Google the recent story in which was directly responsible for a 15 child being sexually abused by another Manhunt user, who was an adult. That happened because sites like Manhunt, BigMuscle and Recon are socially irresponsible and refuse to adhere to Federal Law and age verify their members. Personally, we hope YOU use those sites so that the Justice Department can keep tabs on you. The lametards at ManHunt donated $10,000 in hard currency in an attempt to get out of their responsibility to protecting kids online, and now they, and the other freetard sites are being monitored (and that means all the freeloading losers who frequent and support them are being scoped out too).

And don't even get us started on the fact that Manhunt, and Recon, charge a whopping $100 a year for their lackluster, lame assed, profile sites when you do subscribe. If you weren't such a lecherous dog, you'd see that our site comes out to around $3 a month, and there's tons more to do than view stale profiles of other freetard losers like yourself.

Your email has been forwarded to the United States Department of Justice for further investigation in their ongoing efforts to enforce...

Now, be a good boy, and use the URL located at the bottom of the email you're whining about to inactivate your account, then stay off my sites.....ALL OF THEM.

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Houlton, Wisconsin, United States #11624

The owner is truly one of the most vile pieces of *** that exists.almost 4 years ago now I joined for free, then discovered that I'd have to pay to check email or even to remove my profile.

I wrote asking to be removed and got back one of the most foul emails I've ever received. He called me every name in the book including child molester. I see from other posts about this *** that almost 5 years later, he's still up to his same old tricks. I *still* get emails from the site.

He's now learned how to bypass yahoo's spam filter by altering the sendername with the current date (yahoo, why can't I simply block the domain?) so I've now added a filter to remove his ***.Eh what do I care, the FBI will find him out eventually.

Cookson, Oklahoma, United States #7538

yep same here

i have started getting spam emails from this guys company even after i turned my so called account off which i didn't ask for.

i have now reported him for phishing as this is what it is

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